Although it may not seem like it at times, your cat does need you.

All cats need a litter box. The best kind of litter to purchase should be unscented kitty litter. Cats have very keen smell sense. Anything that is too perfumed will be off-putting to your cat.

Also, cats are very clean creatures. She will not use a litter box that is smelly or messy. Solid wastes should always be scooped out at least once a day. Clumping litter can eliminate the need for you to dump out the litter to fully wash the cat box out weekly.

Cats love to scratch. You can get your cat a sturdy scratch post. It should be about three high. It should not wobble. The best surfaces for scratching range from burlap to tree bark. Scratching pads will suffice also.

Cats also need the following items for comfortable day to day living:

Cat bed
Comb & Brush
Flea collar